bespoke fabric

custom-made suit for upholstery

year of idea: 2009 / year of release: 2011

designed by VERTIJET for ROHLEDER Hitex Manufaktur & COR Sitzmöbel GmbH


„Bespoke“ enables the individual designing of woven upholstery fabric – beyond plain color fabrics or the typical pattern repeat. This allows specifically designed textiles of different qualities which can be aligned true to size to the manufacturers or customers imagination.

Now patterns, motives, ornaments etc. can be bespoke to the furniture`s design to individualize it or to emphasize its specific effect even better. Thus also older but still relevant pieces of furniture can be individualized. Different from textile printing during weaving also the third dimension can be included in the design of textile surface.

With “Bespoke” we wanted to overcome the creative and technological restrictions of classical texture or pattern repeat concepts. Thus for manufacturers are given competitive advantages in several respects. Manufacturers can refresh, grade up and individualize their model series – without costly new developments. 

Henceforth with “Bespoke” no more limits are set to manufacturers imaginations with selection of upholstery fabric. Every piece of furniture can be unique. So “mass customization” is no longer a distant dream, but reality. This becomes particularly interesting for all the regions where differentiated and patterned surfaces belong to the cultural background as for example a number of emerging countries.